Black Men Not Supporting Stacey Abrams Is Myth And Spook: Black Men Showed Up Strong, Here Are The Facts

Black Men Not Supporting Stacey Abrams Is Myth And Spook: Black Men Showed Up Strong, Here Are The Facts


Stacey Abrams in Atlanta on Nov. 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Ben Gray)

For the second time, Stacey Abrams has lost her bid to become the Governor of Georgia–and it turns out it was not due to Black men not voting for her.

Abrams and other Democrats had expressed concern before the Nov. 8 election that if Abrams lost, it would be due to the Black male vote going to her Republican opponent, incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp. but now that the votes have been counted and Abrams has conceded, it seems Black men did vote for Abrams.

According to The New York Times, Abrams received 1,809,496 votes to Kemp’s 2,109,088 votes. Abrams got 40 percent of the male vote and 51 percent of women, according to NBC News exit polls. Twenty-eight percent of the white vote and 90 percent of the Black vote went to Abrams.

She also grabbed 23 percent of white men and 27 percent of white women. As far as Black men, Abrams got a whopping 84 percent of the Black male vote. She had 93 percent of the Black women voting for her.

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“If Black men vote for me, I will win Georgia,” Abrams said during a campaign event titled “Stacey and the Fellas” at Forks & Flavors, a Black-owned eatery in Cobb County. The event was to help her connect with Black male voters. The inference was that if Black men did not vote for her she would lose. But they dd, in fact, cast their vote for her.

Her words angered many Black men, including Popular socialist podcast host Tim Black, host of Tim Black TV.

“Democrats blaming Black Men for Stacey Abram’s low polls against Brian Kemp forget one thing: We don’t owe the Democratic Party a damn thing. The Democratic Party owes us, and we don’t see a return on our previous investments,” he tweeted in September.

With 88 percent of the vote in, CBS News projected Stacey Abrams lost her second bid against Kemp with Kimp being reelected with 53.8 percent to 45.5 percent of the votes.

In 2018, Abrams’ race against Kemp was so close that she suspected voter suppression and worked ever since to register more Black voters. She started an advocacy group called Fair Fight and registered 800,000 new voters. Her efforts helped turned the state blue and elect President Joe Biden in 2020.

Stacey Abrams, Democratic candidate for Georgia governor, gives a concession speech in Atlanta on Nov. 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Ben Gray)