Watch: Popular Socialist Tim Black Goes Off On Left Over Lack Of Support For Reparations

Watch: Popular Socialist Tim Black Goes Off On Left Over Lack Of Support For Reparations

Tim Black

Watch: Popular Socialist Tim Black Goes Off On Left Over Lack Of Support For Reparations. Photo credit: Twitter, https://twitter.com/realtimblack/status/1420292058779111424?s=21

It’s time for Black Americans to stand up for reparations or “get out the way,” popular socialist podcast host Tim Black said in a recent video.

The host of Tim Black TV, Black went off on non-supporters, tweeting, “Black people are demanding Reparations, suddenly everyone’s an Economist. Kill the noise. This is not Rocket Science. Get under the wing or get out the way!”

In a video clip posted on Twitter, Black said reparations are a life-or-death situation.

“What part of people are dying your ass don’t get? What part of we’re sunk at the bottom and have been. We’re cratering for decades on the bottom and you’re going, ‘Well this is a capitalist society, so we don’t want to feed that.’ M****F****, you feed it every day,” Black said angrily. 

Black continued, “Some people are tools of white supremacy with lame-ass talking points: ‘What’s going to happen?’ ‘White people are going to be so mad at us.’ White people are already mad at us, dumbass. You know what would make them less mad is if we were a protected class. You know what gets you protected? MONEY! Money gets you protected.”

Black added that Black people who are on the fence about reparations need to wake up or leave the argument.

“So stop being an idiot, stop being a tool of white supremacy…Harriet Tubman would turn over in her f**** grave…” he said. “Where’s your revolutionary spirit? Get under the winner, or get the f*** out the way, we’ve got work to do.”

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Black’s rant heated up Twitter.

“I agree, get under the wing, or get the F..k out of the way” My Ancestors Bones are ONLY rooted in AMERICA @fancypants2k tweeted. “White people are already mad, they been mad for 400 years and they will continue to be mad. You know what will solve that problem? MONEY damn it. Its time to pay up”.


Jason @SHTTBG, however, had his doubts about Tim Black, tweeting, “Dont trust you. You flip flop on reparations based on whether or not your white left candidate supports it during election season. You supported reparations last year then did a 180 when bernie was campaigning”.

Reparations remain a hard sell. Congress appears to be closer than it ever has to seriously considering the idea of reparations for the descendants of enslaved people in the U.S., The Washington Post reported. “But beyond some corners on Capitol Hill, support for the idea remains relatively low.”

More than six in 10 Americans opposed reparations in a July 2020 Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Even some Black people are torn on the issue. Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah), one of two Black Republicans in the House, said he opposes reparations because he believes reparations would somehow make Black people dependent on white people.

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“Slavery was and still is an evil,” Owens said. “Reparation is divisive. It speaks to the fact that we are a hapless, hopeless race that never did anything but wait for white people to show up and help us, and it’s a falsehood.”

Still, support for reparations is higher now than it was two decades ago. “And as more people become educated about the reason — and arguably the need — behind reparations, the fact that similar payments have been made in the past to different groups, and what it could look like in practice, support for the idea could expand further,” The Washington Post reported.

Photo credit: Twitter, https://twitter.com/realtimblack/status/1420292058779111424?s=21