10 Biggest Gainers Amongst Valuable South African Brands For 2015

Written by Peter Pedroncelli
Woolworths – PilotAfrica.com


The clothing, food and home goods retailer is one that works very hard to build a reputation for being an upmarket and caring brand that caters to a growing middle class and established upper class, ensuring that the products it provides consumers are considered quality above many other competitors.

The retailer positions itself as a brand that South Africans aspire to, with 80 years of history in their favour, as well as an established advertising and digital strategy that helps the business to thrive. Woolworths is also known for its promotion of local designers, charitable efforts and food producers who work with sustainable methods in mind. They recently bought Australian department store chain David Jones for $1.5 billion, meaning that it now possesses 1151 stores across 16 countries.