The Difference

Executive Team Bea Arthur

The Difference provides access to therapy as an Alexa Skill. Though reports of mental health issues are on the rise, access to quality counseling remains a huge hurdle. By merging psychology with technology, The Difference has created an affordable and anonymous way to get support on your own time, and in your own space.

Founder and licensed therapist, Bea Arthur, has been called “innovative and inspiring” by the American Counseling Association. She’s leading the modern mental health movement as one of the first to move therapy online with streaming video, and now she’s innovating once again utilizing voice technology. Bea is a regular contributor to Forbes and Fox & Friends, and has been featured in Elle, Fast Company, Huffington Post, NPR, CNN, and MTV. She was named part of the New Guard of women in tech by Marie Claire magazine as well as an Entrepreneur To Bet On by Newsweek Magazine. A Columbia University alum and TEDx speaker, she was also the first African American woman to be accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator program.

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