Solstice Energy Solutions

Executive Team Ugwem I. Eneyo
Cole Stites-Clayton
Employees 1-10
Capital 385,000
Location San Francisco, CA
Founded 2016

Solstice Energy Solutions develops integrated IoT and software solutions for intelligent management of distributed energy resources. With an initial focus on emerging markets, Solstice is helping homes and businesses that struggle with unreliable electricity grids to save money and achieve cleaner, more reliable power.

Their first product, the Solstice SHYFT is among the first digital transfer switches of its kind, providing unprecedented levels of intelligence, flexibility, and control of energy resources for residential and commercial buildings. Just as Nest redefined the thermostat, Solstice is bringing much needed innovation to the transfer switch through SHYFT. Now users can monitor, manage, and control all energy sources (utility, generators, solar, and/or batteries) from a simple mobile application, while Solstice helps harmonize and optimize the system.

Co-founders Ugwem Eneyo and Cole Stites-Clayton met while they were engineering graduate students at Stanford University, conducting research on energy systems and sustainability. Through Solstice, they remain committed to driving the clean energy transition in emerging markets.

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