Website https://www.mixtroz.com/
Executive Team Ashlee Ammons
Kerry Schrader
Employees 1-10
Capital 1,200,000
Location Birmingham, AL
Founded 2014
The only way to increase engagement & collect data in real-time. While they mix – you learn.

We are people, people & we know that even in a digital world face-to-face connections drive the most electricity.  Our mission is to create valuable community where 50 or more are gathered.

Mixtroz (which stands for “mixer” + “intro”) was created by mother-daughter duo Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons when they recognized that people have a hard time making meaningful connections at events. And, this problem isn’t new, it was coined in the 1950’s as “homophily” basically “birds of a feather flock together” OR as we’ve seen event-goers in the digital age engage with profiles over people!!! Today, Mixtroz services events, meetings, trainings, orientations, weddings, you name it where 25 or more are gathered. We use technology to make human connection simpler, better and more satisfying increasing engagement and collecting data for you.

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