Executive Team Wilhelmina J. Sparks
Employees 1-10
Location Berlin, Germany
Founded 2014

BiTHOUSE is a global business / venture development, and technology scouting firm aligned with SMEs, Corps, and Government entities.

BiTHOUSE GROUP enables others to create, align, fund, utilize, and adopt technology solutions for the future. The company is a mentorship and strategic partnership driven business development cultivator, supporting early stage and mid stage, health, agriculture, food, and entertainment (film, media, consumer electronics) driven technology ventures founded by women, minorities, and EU founders. BiTHOUSE offers its network both educational and collaborative environments to initiate adoption and scaleup innovative and disruptive technology solutions needed for the future.

The BITHOUSE initiative was founded in 2013 by Wilhelmina J. Sparks and became a corporate entity in 2017 in order to foster collaboration and innovation culture amongst corporates, innovators, investors, government and community.

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