18 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance In Africa: Part 1

Written by Dana Sanchez

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Gabon, Smoking Tolerance Level : 6 out of 10

In the cities and all over Gabon, marijuana is illegal and so are activities related to it. For possession, selling, smoking, importation and exportation, the penalty is from six months to two years and a fine. Growing marijuana is prohibited and anyone found cultivating commercial quantities and even a few plants will be penalized.

Like other countries, some police are tolerant while others are stringent in implementing the law. Marijuana is widely available in Gabon and grows abundantly in seven out of nine provinces, not just for commercial purposes but for traditional use as well.

Police checkpoints and road blocks are common in Gabon. According to some reports, 90 percent of arrests are due offenses related to marijuana.

Source: MarijuanaTravels