18 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance In Africa: Part 1

Written by Dana Sanchez

Egypt ocannabis Photo: ancient-wisdom.co.uk
Photo: ancient-wisdom.co.uk

Egypt, Smoking Tolerance Level : 6 out of 10

In Egypt, any activity such as possession and use of cannabis is considered illegal. However, use is widespread and part of everyday culture. Convictions are very rare for personal use.

Formerly a plant of high status with documented medicinal uses in ancient times, cannabis was made illegal in 1925 with the League of Nations Geneva International Convention on Narcotic Control. It has been targeted aggressively since then on and off.

Law enforcers appear to treat tourists with respect since they know that they bring in the money, according to MarijuanaTravels. However, this doesn’t make tourists immune to arrest.

Source: MarijuanaTravels