17 More African Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance: Part 2

Written by Dana Sanchez

This is the second in a three-part AFKInsider series ranking African countries for tolerance to marijuana. The weed is ingrained in African tradition, recreation and economies, but illegal throughout the continent. You can find the first article in the series here.

Marijuana is illegal throughout Africa but deeply ingrained in African tribal traditions, recreation and economies. Tolerance and enforcement vary from country to country.

The U.S. state of Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana a year ago, and it’s reaping the financial benefits from legal marijuana sales. If all 50 U.S. states legalized marijuana, they stand to gain more than $3 billion in tax revenue collectively, according to the personal finance site NerdWallet.

The website Marijuana Travels ranks 260 countries including at least 42 African countries for tolerance to marijuana. Countries are ranked from 1 — highly prohibited — to 10 — legal. Rankings include on-the-ground information on enforcement. The site appears to be updated regularly, in some cases, daily. The home page says the site was created to inform viewers of conditions affecting marijuana, which can change daily and sometimes hourly.

We’ve ranked 17 more African countries for marijuana tolerance in Part 2 of a three-part series.

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