100 Facts On Reparations For Native Black Americans

100 Facts On Reparations For Native Black Americans

46. More than one form of reparations

Those, who, like Eizenstat, believe financial reparations would be nearly impossible due to passage of time and the depth of racism in the U.S., say there is more than one form of reparations. Many of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are in favor of reducing income and wealth inequality by making targeted and thoughtful investments to lift up both low-income communities and communities of color.

That should include strengthening our national safety net, Eizenstat wrote in Politico. The government should also set aside additional federal funding for historically Black colleges and Black entrepreneurs. It should commit to stricter enforcement of discriminatory lending practices and strengthen the 1965 Voting Rights Act to empower itself to protect African Americans against multiple voter suppression efforts.

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