100 Facts On Reparations For Native Black Americans

100 Facts On Reparations For Native Black Americans

2. What reparations could cost

The market price of the average slave was roughly equal to the price of a house. Using relative earnings, a single slave worth $400 in 1850 would be worth $195,000 today, according to the ADOS website. “While the sum owed in reparations for the entirety of anti-Black discrimination in the United States is undetermined, the amount of the claim just evaluating slavery in isolation — without the era of Jim Crow that followed — is in the trillions.”

Prof. Sandy Darity Jr. — an economist and premiere scholar in the area of American reparations — and Prof. Dania Frank illustrated that the gains in wealth to white southerners from ownership of Blacks back in 1859 was $3.2 million. In today’s dollars, the value of that debt is estimated to be somewhere between $5 to $10 trillion dollars, depending upon the interest rate used for compounding purposes. Using an interest rate of 5 percent, that’s a total of $8.4 trillion in today’s money just in lost wages, ADOS noted.

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