12 Things You Should Know About Arms Maker Ivor Ichikowitz

Written by Dana Sanchez
Ivor Ichikowitz
Ivor Ichikowitz, arabianbusiness.com

His Johannesburg office is decorated with model aircraft

Ichikowitz founded Africa’s largest privately owned arms company, Paramount Group. He sells products ranging from refitted Mirage fighter jets to naval patrol vessels. In March, Bloomberg reporter Franz Wild observed that Ichikowitz’s office was decorated with model aircraft and armored vehicles.

But there’s nothing playful about this: Ichikowitz won an order to sell 50 armored vehicles to Jordan, each worth more than $1 million. Each. Jordan shares borders with Syria and Iraq, where more than 200,000 people have been killed in a four-year civil war that includes Islamic State and al-Qaeda affiliated militants.

“When you’re in a war with Islamic State there are no rules, so you’ve got to make sure that your armies are properly equipped with safe equipment,” Ichikowitz told Bloomberg. “Our platforms are all focused on making a safer environment for the soldier.”

Source: Bloomberg