12 Things You Should Know About Arms Maker Ivor Ichikowitz

Written by Dana Sanchez
Ivor Ichikowitz
Ivor Ichikowitz. defenceweb.co.za

Just don’t call him an arms dealer

In a 2012 video interview on CNBC, Ichikowitz spoke at length about the bad rap the defense industry gets. “People don’t really understand the difference between the arms dealers and the arms industry,” he said. “Calling us arms dealers is like calling the chairman of a pharmaceutical company a drug dealer.

“We’re in the technology business. We’re in the innovation business. We’re in the engineering business. We’re in the business of helping governments create the capability to ensure peace and stability. We’re not in the weapons business and we’re not in the destoying-anything business. We’re in the protecting business. We try be transparent as we possibly can. The defense industry over the years has had a reputation for being very cloak-and-dagger. I believe it’s a business like any other business. There’s method in our madness. We do this for reason. We don’t just do this because it makes us money.”

Source: CNBCAfrica