12 Things You Should Know About Arms Maker Ivor Ichikowitz

Written by Dana Sanchez
Ivor Ichikowitz
Ivor Ichikowitz. ichikowitzfoundation.com

He makes selling military hardware “sound like a moral crusade”

Ichikowitz has the ability to make selling military hardware sound like a moral crusade, Simon Round wrote in the JewishChronicle. “He believes deals he has brokered have made his continent a safer place.”

He has personal relationships with world leaders and won’t do business with any country where he does not have a close understanding with the head of state. “There are countries like Equatorial Guinea where the president is accused of being a dictator, but you have to see what he has done for that country,” Ichikowitz said.

In a JewishChronicle interview, Ichikowitz said he spent an hour-and-a-half with Gaddafi in his tent, talking about a several-billion-dollar deal that was due to be signed around 10 months before the drama erupted in that country. Ichikowitz said he walked away from the deal.

Source: JewishChronicle