The Labz

Executive Team Farah Allen
Employees 1-10
Capital 250,000
Location Atlanta, GA
Founded 2017

The LABZ is a collaborative workspace that provides automated tracking, rights management and protection of your music files during and after you create. The Labz automates your ownership and protects your work while you create and collaborate with other creators.

The LABZ is a collaboration platform that uses blockchain technology to power creative content collaboration and digital right management process for the entertainment industry, music industry, and its business professionals. Unlike current shared workspaces (i.e. Dropbox), The LABZ platform integrates the chaotic, nonlinear, collaborative dynamics of creative processes while collecting and organizing data needed to protect each creator’s digital rights across audio and sound recordings.
In 2017 music creators and their business partners lost $20.5B dollars because of lack of adequate ownership documentation for audio and sound recordings. Industries like movies, tv and digital marketing, where millions of copyrightable audio and sound assets are exchanged within each project, are spending time, money and resources to manually track the assets they use. The LABZ has a two-sided solution that helps creators share, collaborate and instantly register their audio and sound recordings. The LABZ also helps organizations collaborate on those protected assets while instantly tracking, managing and monitoring the asset usage. In our modular workspace, we tag, watermark and store audio metadata uploads to each creator identity as they work and then memorialize the completed ownership data in our blockchain backed searchable database further solving the problem for both the creators and the organizations that are legally responsible for paying them.

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