Black Women Start Petition, Call On Big Tech Censorship Police To Ban Dating Advice Guru Kevin Samuels

Black Women Start Petition, Call On Big Tech Censorship Police To Ban Dating Advice Guru Kevin Samuels


Black Women Start Petition, Call On Big Tech Censorship Police To Ban Dating Advice Guru Kevin Samuels Photo: YouTube screenshot/mmg

There’s no denying that dating advice guru Kevin Samuels pisses off lots of women with his pro-alpha-male views. A standout in the manosphere, Samuels posts in-your-face YouTube shows about relationships and dating that have attracted 1.05 million subscribers.

An image consultant-turned-dating/gender-role guru, Samuels has a YouTube channel that features videos with subjects such as “Do Modern Women Want More Than They ‘Deserve’?“, ”Do High-Value Men Deserve To Cheat?,” and “Ladies, The Older You Get The Less You Get.” His Dec. 9, 2020 video titled “You’re Average at Best” targeted women who desire high-powered men but are, as Samuels likes to say, “average at best.” The video got about 1.5 million views.

Black thought leader Dr. Umar Johnson called out Samuels for his “misogynistic” attitude towards Black women during an Instagram Live and in subsequent posts, saying Samuels is profiting from “slandering and criticizing Black women who don’t emulate eurocentric standards of beauty and success.”

Recently, DJ Envy of the popular “Breakfast Club” radio show got into a beef with Samuels as well.

One woman wants Samuels taken off the internet and has started a petition to do so. Goldie Jones, herself a YouTube creator of The Goldie Jones Channel — albeit on a much smaller scale (she has just 264 subscribers) — wants Samuels taken down not just from YouTube but also from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

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Not much information is given about who Jones is, but her two-month-old petition on Change.org has attracted 1,155 signatures as of press time. 

In the petition, Jones wrote, “With the rise in violence against women, specifically African-American women, YouTuber Kevin Samuels has galvanized a community of men of all races and nationalities in the outspoken hatred of women.” 

She continued, “Removing this voice of divisive vitriol will allow women to feel safer not only in public spaces, but in online communities as well….Acts of violence, sexually predatory behavior, and even death has been documented as stemming from rhetoric Mr. Samuels and his community of followers has spewed in just the last 12 months alone.”

A recent episode of Kevin Samuels TV was promoted on Twitter as “Kevin Samuels- White & Latina women tell Black women how to keep their men.”

We Love Black Women Over Here CUZZZ @TravoTheGreat24 tweeted, “Black women get this negative narrative but the truth is……IF YOU TREAT A BLACK WOMAN LIKE SHE DESERVES TO BE TREATED THEN YOU WONT HAVE THIS WASHED UP NARRATIVE.”

Brookology 101 @thatdamnbrook tweeted, “We birth, raise and nurture Black men, love y’all at your worst, build you up and support you too. Don’t forget about all the good we do for Black men. They always forget that when they speak on Black women and our demeanor. It’s like y’all love & hate us for being strong.”


Brent Whitfield @TransEvolutions tweeted, “As a Black Man, I find these women & you to be highly disrespectful of Black Women. It is not my wife’s job to ‘keep’ me but rather my duty as a man to ensure that I respect our vows, relationship & family. Marriage like anything else takes work, & if we decide that we need to”

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