7 Things To Know About Popular Dating Advice Sensation Kevin Samuels

7 Things To Know About Popular Dating Advice Sensation Kevin Samuels

Kavin Samuels

7 Things To Know About Popular Dating Advice Sensation Kevin Samuels Photo courtesy of http://bykevinsamuels.com/

YouTube sensation Kevin Samuels is an Image consultant turned dating/gender role guru. A standout in the new Black manosphere, he has lured in hundreds of thousands with his videos and views on Black men and Black women today.

Many have an opinion about Samuels.

Faithful Black Men Association @OfficialFBMA, an online community promoting fidelity, isn’t a fan and tweeted, “If only some of y’all did background checks like this on these trash ass men y’all decide to date Kevin Samuel opinions wouldn’t even be relevant right now.”

But Erica LeShai @ericaleshai, a Black women, tweeted in defense of Samuels, “I don’t agree with everything Kevin Samuels says, but his voice is necessary. His perspective and ideologies bring balance”


Here are seven things to know about popular dating advice sensation Kevin Samuels.

1. Internet fav

Kevin Samuels has more than 800,000 subscribers to his YouTube page, which features such videos as “Do Modern Women Want More Than They ‘Deserve’?,“”Do High Value Men Deserve To Cheat?,” and “Ladies The Older You Get The Less You Get.” On Instagram, he has nearly 700,000 followers. On Facebook, logged in 125,000 followers, while on Twitter the 49-year-old has 13,500 followers.

Though he has had an online presence for more than five years, he really started to pull in viewers when on Dec. 9, 2020, he posted “You’re Average at Best,” a video aimed at women who desire high-powered men but they themselves are, as Samuels likes to say, “average at best.” The video has raked in a whopping 1,453,991 views to date.

Samuel’s blunt critique of the modern Black women — and Black men — seemed to hit a nerve and created a movement. 

2. Something to say about everyone

While some may accuse Samuels, who offers life coaching skills, of targeting Black women, he doles out harsh criticism for men as well.

“The first thing I tell guys I coach is that we have to get brutally honest about where you are and where you want to get to. Understand how far that is and put in the work,” he has said, fellow alpha male coach Solomon Hillfleet wrote on Medium.

3. Beef with Dr. Umar Johnson

Black thought leader  Dr. Umar Johnson and Samuels are in the midst of a major online beef. During an Instagram Live and subsequent posts Johnson took aim at Samuels, calling him out for his “misogynistic” attitude towards Black women. 

Johnson said Samuels is profiting from “slandering and criticizing Black women who don’t emulate Eurocentric standards of beauty and success.”

Then, in a response video, Samuels hit back at Dr. Johnson by questioning Johnson’s yet-to-open school that was to be built with fan donations, Hip Hop Wired

“The man who has two children by two different women that he never married,” Samuels said of Johnson. “The guy in the last ten years has not built brick one of the school he’s collected money from. The man who calls you ‘queen,’ ‘mother,’ ‘goddess,’ and all this other kind of stuff and again.” He would continue to mock Dr. Umar before giving him another shout-out and says he doesn’t have a problem with him,” Essence reported.

Allegations and wisecracks have gone back and forth between the two men and have heated up so much that some on the Internet are calling for a Verzuz battle between the two.

4. He’s got the look

After a career in advertising and marketing, in 2013 Samuels, who always seems to be decked in his trademark tailored suit, launched his own image consultancy firm in Georgia. 

“Fashion and Style have always been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. And a background in professional sales as well as in advertising and marketing was real world training for just how important your appearance is to your success,” he wrote on his LinkedIn profile. “Every facet of my career taught me the value a great appearance has on your performance and promotion. Whether closing a major deal or crafting a brand identity for a client your appearance counts more than most know.”

5. Controversial content

During a March 2021 YouTube episode entitled “High Value Men Cheat,” Samuels called out a female caller who questioned the topic, saying she had no right to do so because she was built like a football player.

Meochia Simmons was one of several Black women speaking with Samuels on a Zoom chat. During the discussion, Samuels told her she could either “buy a dog, die alone or get a girl” if she could not accept a cheating “high-value” man because cheating is “our nature,” EUR Web reported. 

During the debate between the two, Samuels asked about her measurements and dress size. She revealed being 5 foot 8, a size 16, and weighed 220 pound.s

“Alright, you broke the first rule right there,” he said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about that a man shouldn’t cheat or whatever when you broke the first rule that men want women who are fit. You weigh more than a man at your height. True or false?”

He added, “You’re about the size that Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders were. You’re a running back size.

6. Man of worth

Samuels is worth reportedly about $3 million.

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7. Fashion career kicked off with high-powered woman

While Samuels was always into fashion, his big push as a image consultant came when he helped a high-powered female attorney who was up for a judgeship.

“The final push for me was when I was working on a PR project for an attorney who asked to put everything on hold because her name had just been put forward for a Judgeship and she had an upcoming interview with the Governor,” he told Undercovering Oklahoma in 2016. The attorney sought his advice on her wardrobe and image. “Then she asked if I could actually go with her and help pick out the ensembles, to which I agreed because I wanted to help and see her succeed. The magic question was ‘how much do you charge for that’ then the bells went off. There’s a business here and it’s based on doing the thing I have a real love for.”