PACG’s Stephen Murray on Investment Risk, Entrepreneurs

PACG’s Stephen Murray on Investment Risk, Entrepreneurs


Senior investment officer at Washington D.C.-based Pan African Capital Group (PACG), Stephen Murray elaborates on the firm’s work in investment advisement and portfolio management. Catering to banks and businesses — including SMEs — in West Africa, PACG aids in widening investment and capital growth opportunities. In part one of the interview, Murray talks Databank, an asset management company connected to PACG, investment risk, field management and infrastructure projects.

“In terms of the return expectation, people are actually wanting higher returns in Africa, because of the perception that it’s a greater risk,” Murray said. “For investors in Europe or North America expecting a ten percent return on investment; in an African context they’d probably be expecting 20 to 25 percent return on that investment.”

“Our company BlackRhino, which we recently invested in, is an infrastructure development company. They’re building catalytic infrastructure projects across the continent, working on oil refineries, power plants, railroad concessions — building on the kind of infrastructure that Africa needs,” he added noting PACG’s current work.

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