Ice Cube Pressures Top Biden DNC Operative Rep. Cedric Richmond To Release Zoom Video Meeting On What Was Said

Ice Cube Pressures Top Biden DNC Operative Rep. Cedric Richmond To Release Zoom Video Meeting On What Was Said

Ice Cube
Ice Cube Pressures Top Biden DNC Operative Rep. Cedric Richmond To Release Zoom Video Meeting On What Was Said Photo: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden greets Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., left, as he arrives at Columbus Airport in Columbus, Ga., Oct. 27, 2020, to travel to Warm Springs, Ga. for a rally. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Hip-hop icon Ice Cube received major backlash after meeting with the Trump administration to discuss his reparations plan, Contract With Black America (CWBA), and help MAGA develop its own plan for Black America.

The Trump campaign released information on the meeting, held with Cube and Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, via social media.

In turn, Cube tweeted that both Democrats and Republicans had reached out to him about CWBA.

“Facts: I put out the CWBA. Both parties contacted me,” Ice Cube said. “Dems said we’ll address the CWBA after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the CWBA.”

According to top Biden DNC operative Rep. Cedric Richmond, Biden’s people never told Cube to wait until after the election. 

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Biden’s campaign co-chairman, Richmond served as chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus from 2017 to 2019.

Richmond appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Joe Madison Show” and denied that the Biden campaign told Ice Cube it would get back to him after the election, Black Enterprise reported.

“I like the fact that Ice Cube is getting engaged in policy,” Richmond said during the interview, according to TheGrio. “I think that is a good thing, however, once you embark on getting into it, one, you have to be truthful, but two, you have an obligation, I think, to see it through and to be thorough with it. Our plan is very thorough. I won’t say he has a skeleton plan, but he has an outline of things, he has an outline of things that should be done.”

When Cube released CWBA on July 1, he tweeted that it was “designed to start the hard conversations. It was made to be perfected and debated.” He invited people to add comments and suggestions “so we can create a better contract with America that will help create a better and more perfect Union.”

According to Rep. Richmond, Cube’s Contract With Black America was not complete enough to discuss yet.

“It’s not as comprehensive as our plan,” Richmond said “And so that’s what we told him, and the offer to stay engaged was not, ‘We’ll talk to you after the election.’ It went like this: ‘Here’s my cell number, anything else you want to talk about on this plan or anything you think, you know, we need to talk about further, just pick up the phone and call.”

Cube isn’t taking the accusation that he lied sitting down. He is demanding that Richmond release the Zoom video meeting on what was said. 

The beef took over Twitter.

One user tweeted to Cube, “Does it matter? I just want to know how you expected a man (who doesn’t even keep his word TO HIS OWN WIFE) to keep his word TO YOU?! We do not negotiate with terrorists, Cube! We do not entertain conversations with white supremacists, Cube!”

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Another doubted that Trump would do anything for the Black community, even though his people had met with Cube. “Trump has a horrible and vast history of stiffing contractors. There are a lot of people whose careers have been ruined these last four years because of their alliance with trump. Why would you think he would honor your contract with Black America?”

Another tweeted, “Dude… stop! You got played by Trump and his people! You’re intentions are good, but you can’t make deals with the devil, especially not this devil! Let’s send ya boy home first, then we’ll hold Biden’s feet to the fire! I’ll be there with you!!.”