Ice Cube Calls For A Reparations Contract With Black America. ADOS Responds

Ice Cube Calls For A Reparations Contract With Black America. ADOS Responds

Activist and hip-hop mogul Ice Cube is calling for a reparations “Contract With Black America.” Reparations movement #ADOS responds. Ice Cube performs at the Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park, Oct. 14, 2017, in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Activist, actor and hip-hop mogul Ice Cube is trying to rev up the conversation about reparations. He recently went to Twitter to release a document he’s calling “A Contract With Black America,” laying out the beginnings of how reparations could be executed.

He tweeted, “This Contract With Black America was designed to start the hard conversations. It was made to be perfected and debated. Add comments and suggestions so we can create a better contract with America that will help create a better and more perfect Union.”

Cube wanted conversation and he got it.

Antonio Moore @tonetalks, one of the founders of the reparations movement #ADOS tweeted, “This doesn’t work without anchoring identity reparations goes to #ados or it’s just a class based policy or worse. In addition this contract needs to consider the works of #ados@SandyDarity@BreakingBrown in already making the case. But if you struggle on step 1 it’s irrelevant.”

Moore added, “People seem lost if you don’t address who receives it you’re not talking about reparations. There are basically 2 distinct black populations 1 that actually is owed US reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow and another that came voluntarily after 1965 after Jim Crow ended.”

Others chimed in as well, such as Wizdom @OnCode4 who tweeted, “We also want legislation that will prosecute anyone who makes false reports to the police about law abiding black citizens who are just living their lives and minding their own business.”

Basketball star Brian Scalabrine @Scalabrine replied to Cube with this suggestion, “I completely back Bank and Financing reform. One thing I think you should add is. For well qualified Black Americans, you should be allowed a one time INTEREST FREE loan for home ownership. Its a huge advantage in creating sustainable wealth, and a way to create more diversity.”

In the Contract With Black America, Cube goes through a variety of issues. He calls for affirmative action for all secondary schools, colleges, and universities, public and private. “Black enrollment must meet or exceed the percentage of Black populations nationwide,” the contract states.

He wants mandatory civil rights and anti-racism classes in all elementary schools with textbooks by Black scholars used to teach these classes. 

Cube calls for Black representation on all government civil rights investigative bodies and for the reform of gerrymandering.

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The contract includes how to achieve equality in healthcare with facilities in all neighborhoods regardless of demographics. It has a section on massive bank lending and finance reform as well as judicial and public policy reform.

It also looks at entertainment industry reform and reparations, including the “mandatory funding of ‘Black Studios’ that would be Black-owned and produce content by Black creators.