Deadly COVID-19 Virus Is Confirmed To Be Creepin’ In ATL

Deadly COVID-19 Virus Is Confirmed To Be Creepin’ In ATL

The coronavirus is continuing to spread in the U.S. There have been two confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Georgia, linked to a trip to Italy. Sample Coronavirus test kit – (Photo from CDC.gov)

The coronavirus is continuing to spread in the United States. There have been two confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Georgia, linked to a trip to Italy. 

The two people live in the same Atlanta area household and include a man who recently traveled to Italy.

“Gov. Brian Kemp told reporters at a late-night news conference that both people have isolated themselves at their Fulton County home with other relatives. Health officials were working to identify others who had recent contact with them,” AP reported.

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“Georgians should remain calm,” said Kemp, who also announced a state coronavirus task force. “We were ready for today.”

Georgia Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler issued a joint statement saying:

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“We’re closely monitoring the cases of coronavirus in Georgia and urge everyone to take extra precautions. Governor Kemp and the Trump Administration are working with us to ensure we keep Georgians healthy and safe. It is of utmost importance that Georgia has the resources necessary to respond accordingly. Fortunately, we have the best and brightest working at the CDC here in Atlanta to continue to help prepare the country.”

With this discovery, Georgia has become the 12th U.S. state to report confirmed coronavirus infections. So far, the total U.S. cases have topped 100. Six people have died, all of them from Washington state.

“The illness, named COVID-19, is characterized by fever and coughing and, in serious cases, shortness of breath or pneumonia. Worldwide, the death toll has exceeded 3,000, with more than 89,000 total cases in about 70 countries,” AP reported.

In the Georgia cases, the man, who had visited Italy, called his doctor after developing symptoms of the virus. The two people were tested, and according to the federal Centers for Disease Control, the results were positive.

Neither of the infected people had to be hospitalized; they are at home, isolated with other household members.

With Atlanta home to some 286,126 Black people, who make up nearly 52 percent, it might be time for Black America to consider buying surgical masks for coronavirus now. 

A case has also just been confirmed the first of two cases in Florida.

And New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has confirmed the second case of the virus. According to Cuomo, one patient is a man in his 50s who lives in Westchester County and works as an attorney in Manhattan. He has no known connection to the virus.

“Cuomo announced the first identified case of coronavirus in the state Sunday, saying the victim is a health care worker who was recently visiting Iran, which has been struck with the second-highest number of deaths from the virus outside of China, behind South Korea,” The Hill reported.