Greatest Sports Rivalries Of All Time

Written by Makula Dunbar
The Big Game: Ohio State vs. Michigan
The Big Game: Ohio State vs. Michigan

Ohio State v. Michigan (College Football)

Although the SEC has been dominating college football for years, the Big Ten rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan remains unsurpassed. They save the Big Game for the last game of season every year, and alumni and current students flock from all over to watch the legendary game go down. The rivalry truly began in 1897, but picked up steam from 1969 to 1978 as Ohio State’s coach Woody Hayes and his former assistant coach-turned-head-Michigan-coach Bo Schembechler went head-to-head. But it didn’t end there. The game remains one of the most watched match ups each year, packed with hard hits, exciting drives, and the inevitable taunting and subsequent fighting between fans.