8 African Countries In The Forefront For Formal Retail Investment In 2017

Kurt Davis Jr.
Written by Kurt Davis Jr.
Gemalto expands in Africa with regional office in Cote d’Ivoire . Photo: naija247news.com

Cote D’Ivoire

The last couple of weeks remind investors that Cote d’Ivoire is at a delicate inflection point. Soldiers protesting in the street does not necessarily speak to an emerging ‘star’ economy. President Alassane Ouattara is doing his best to keep the peace but the promising of payments, totaling approximately 7m CFA francs by the end of June, has some outsiders questioning if this will be the end of protests (especially if they are theoretically and financially paying off).

Still, ask any strategic or private investor today what country is on the rise and they will readily point to Cote d’Ivoire. The middle class, with increasing wealth and low inflation, are spending more. And Ivorian companies are pitching investors on a two-part offering—access to the fast-growing Ivorian economy and access to French West Africa.

The latter offering puts the country in competition, in part, with Nigeria as both countries want their native companies to tap into regional networks. At the moment, speaking the same language in the region as several other hot markets does provide some runway for investors to test the theory of local superstars, especially in the retail and consumer space.