8 African Countries In The Forefront For Formal Retail Investment In 2017

Kurt Davis Jr.
Written by Kurt Davis Jr.
Leading Kenyan retailers like Nakumatt are attractive acquisition targets. Photo - Quartz
Leading Kenyan retailers like Nakumatt are attractive retail investment targets. Photo – Quartz


The general election in August this year is dominating the airwaves in Kenya. Such discussion can generally hurt business as usual in the short term. But Kenya is more resilient these days and, as the investment storyline goes, accessing East African retail and consumer goods markets generally begins with Kenya.

For that reason, strategic and private equity investors are well-integrated into the Kenyan market. The country possess a well-developed retail and consumer goods space with two obvious growth opportunities.

First, local expansion of the consumer base remains a focus as the market is dominated by informal business, especially as it relates to retail. Some estimates put the informal market around 60 – 70 percent. Secondly, acquisitive growth in the region is the major growth strategy for many Kenya companies, especially those backed by private equity companies. Buying companies or joint ventures with companies in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda, for example, are an increasing norm in the region.