Rubitection Inc.

Executive Team Sanna Gaspard
Employees 1-10
Capital 1,500,000
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Founded 2011

Rubitection Inc is a start-up business in Pittsburgh, PA currently developing a low cost tool for early stage pressure ulcer (bedsore) diagnosis.

Mission: Rubitection is dedicated to helping healthcare institutions manage bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, more effectively by improving the accuracy of early pressure ulcer diagnosis, assessment, and management. Rubitection is also dedicated to increasing societal awareness of the problem of bedsores in hospitals, home care agencies, and nursing homes.

Products: Rubitection is developing the Rubitect Assessment System. It is a non-invasive hand held tool that addresses the limitations of the manual blanch test. It gives clinicians an portable tool to quantitatively evaluate and detect the signs of an early stage pressure ulcer on dark and lightly toned skin.

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