Website https://www.findnedl.com/
Executive Team Ayinde Alakoye
Jason Medeiros
Location Santa Monica, CA
Founded 2017

nēdl (as in the haystack) is a B2B2C solution addressing a $44.1B global ad market with an AI-powered search engine to make live radio more user-friendly for listeners and measurable for advertisers. nēdl is an app that can find anything that’s being spoken or sung on live broadcasts and create your own so that others may know what’s on your mind.

The platform allows radio listeners to use speech recognition to eliminate the need to go station-to-station for the specific news, sports, talk information, and entertainment they want to hear. In addition to searching over 120,000 domestic and international live broadcast streams that nēdl has secured, you can also search live user-generated content, as anyone can start their own live broadcast, allowing others to discover them in real-time search results as they are speaking.

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