4D Healthware

Website https://www.4dhealthware.com/
Executive Team Star Cunningham
Employees 1-10
Capital 2,300,000
Location Chicago, IL
Founded 2012

4D Healthware is putting people in control of their health by connecting the robust technology available with mobile devices, wearable sensors and health data. Our ultimate goal is to foster informed lifestyle change, and make wellness and preventive care the driving force in the healthcare equation.

4D Healthware is patient engagement software that makes personalized medicine possible through connected data.  It connects the robust technology available with mobile devices, wearable sensors, and health data, allowing people to take control of their own health.

It has a team of professionals from different fields with shared beliefs and a common cause, to transform the healthcare space for good, and its healthcare solutions are powered by a secure, multi-dimensional, next-generation data and technology platform.

4D Healthware is a software solution that reduces healthcare costs; consolidates, integrates, standardizes and expands the medical data available to the entire system; increases patient engagement; and encourages and rewards lifestyle change.

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