10 Upcoming African IPOs To Keep An Eye On In 2015

10 Upcoming African IPOs To Keep An Eye On In 2015

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Lackluster performance from Africa’s largest stock exchanges hasn’t slowed the continent’s parade of IPOs.

A total of 24 companies debuted on African stock markets in 2014. In 2015 we’ve already seen new listings in Rwanda (Crystal Ventures), Ghana (Samba Foods), and nine new listings on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Here are some more African initial public offerings — first sales of stock by a private company to the public: 10 upcoming African IPOs to keep an eye on as we enter the second half of 2015.

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Botswana: Afinitas Limited
IPO Date: launched June 26, 2015 and closes July 17, 2015

This nascent holding company seeks to raise up to $12 million as seed capital for investment in new Africa-focused ventures. The company’s portfolio is yet to be determined but the prospectus indicates particular focus will be on companies operating in the financial services and business process outsourcing sectors.

80492938 Man with hand on earpiece by manor house, businessmen and women in background, close-up telecommunications consultant

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation
Estimated IPO Date: before the end of 2016

The oft-delayed privatization of Botswana’s fixed-line telephone operator and leading Internet provider will likely see the the government sell a 49-percent stake in the company on the Botswana Stock Exchange. Forecast to be Botswana’s biggest-ever IPO, the deal is pending the formation of a new parastatal that will take over BTC’s fiber-optic network.

NSIa Bank news.abidjan.net

Cote d’Ivoire: NSIA Banque-CI
Estimated IPO Date: before end of 2015

Formerly known as BIAO-Cote d’Ivoire, NSIA Banque-CI is fast-growing Cote d’Ivoire’s third-largest bank and is a subsidiary of the Abidjan-based NSIA Group, one of francophone Africa’s leading insurance companies. NSIA CEO Jean Kacou Diagou has not disclosed specifics of the planned offer but noted that proceeds will be used to finance growth. In 2013, the Ivorian government, which holds 20 percent of the company, said that it intended to float a 10-percent stake on the Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières (BRVM).

Ghana Agricultural Producers and Traders Organization (GAPTO ... zaraimedia.com

Ghana: Agricultural Development Bank
(IPO Date: launched July 3, 2015 and closes August 21, 2015)

Boasting a network of 78 branches, Agricultural Development Bank is one of Ghana’s largest financial institutions. Its IPO allows the Bank of Ghana to sell its stake in the company and raises an additional $53 million for expansion and IT upgrades. The offer price of GHS2.65 gives it a P/E ratio of 8.6 and a book multiple of 1.2.

Ghana cocoa  ghanaiantimes
Ghana cocoa producers. Photo: ghanaiantimes

Ghana: Hords Limited
IPO Date: launched June 25, 2015 and closes July 10, 2015

Established in 1999, Hords produces cocoa powder and a range of other food products, supplements, and detergents. Founder and CEO Harold Otabil is selling a 69.6-percent stake in the company for roughly $1 million to pay down debt and finance the purchase of a new factory. The company forecasts annualized sales growth of 49 percent over the next three years.

91497325 intavenous getty

Ghana: Intravenous Infusion Limited
Estimated IPO Date: before end of 2015

Founded in 1969, IIL was Ghana’s first producer of intravenous fluids. The company hopes to raise roughly $4 million on the GAX, the alternative segment of the Ghana Stock Exchange, for the purpose of expanding and modernizing its production facility. In March, the offer was temporarily suspended when the sponsoring broker was unable to fulfill its underwriting obligation. The company is now in process of engaging a new underwriter for the deal.

475417625 property Home insurance - better safe than sorry...

Kenya: UAP-Old Mutual Kenya
Estimated IPO Date: before end of 2017

Following a merger that saw Old Mutual take a 60-percent stake in Kenyan insurer, UAP, the CEO of the new entity, Peter Mwangi, announced that it would seek a listing on the Nairobi Securities Exchange within the next 18-to-30 months pending a brand consolidation and harmonization of operations. UAP is Kenya’s third-largest property and casualty insurer.

526297575 debit credit card getty

Nigeria: Interswitch Limited
Estimated IPO Date: before end of 2016

A payment processor and debit card provider, Lagos-based Interswitch is considering a dual IPO on both the London and Nigerian Stock exchanges. The company presently operates in five African countries but is looking for capital to expand elsewhere on the continent. Private equity group, Helios Investment Partners LLP, presently holds a 52-percent stake in the business.

Street scene,  Dar es Salaam. Getty
Street scene, Dar es Salaam. Getty

Tanzania: Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange
Estimated IPO Date: first quarter of 2016

Following in the footsteps of the Nairobi and Johannesburg stock exchanges, the Dar es Salaam Stock exchange plans to self-list within the next six months to upgrade its trading infrastructure and raise funds for expansion. The market recorded roughly $250 million worth of trade volume in the first half of 2015.

535604209 microfinance seeds afric gettya

Tanzania: Yetu Microfinance
IPO Date: launched June 18, 2015 and closes July 30, 2015

This micro lender aims to raise roughly $5 million for expansion and to meet new minimum capitalization requirements. The offer price of TZS500 (about $0.22) per stub values the stock at 8x trailing earnings and a price/book ratio of 1.5. The issuers expect operating profits to double within the next three years.