10 Not So Wimpy Weapons Made In South Africa

Written by Dana Sanchez

South Africans are behind many of the world’s innovations including weapons. Some are relics of the apartheid era.

South Africa’s achievements include becoming a nuclear power and building one of the world’s best attack helicopters, according to a report in MyBroadband.

But some of these achievements have their history in the apartheid era, when South Africa was justifiably paranoid about defending itself from an indefensible enemy — itself. This, during a time when the country was under a U.N.-sponsored anti-apartheid arms embargo from 1977 until apartheid ended in 1994.

In private, military professionals and analysts scoff at the idea that South Africa today could defend itself from any serious, determined, concerted attack — unlikely as that might be — according to a 2012 report in TheGuardian entitled “From bully boys to wimps: the decline of SA’s military.”

Ivor Ichikowitz is the founder and CEO of Paramount Group, a group of companies operating in the global defense, internal security and peacekeeping industries. Paramount was founded in South Africa in 1994, the year apartheid ended and South Africa became a democracy. It manufactures armored vehicles and military aircraft, and trains its clients on how to use them.

As you might expect, Ichikowitz said South Africa is producing top-notch military equipment and technologies, according to MyBroadband. The country can hold its own against the best the world has to offer, he said.

When you see the weapons listed below, South Africa’s military doesn’t look so wimpy.

You may remember the reports recently — who can forget? — of ageing white South Africans helping to bring Boko Haram’s six-year reign of terror to an end in Northern Nigeria.

Here are some of the military weapons and equipment developed or built in South Africa that they may have had at their disposal.

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