15 Things You Need To Know About The New AfDB President

Written by Dana Sanchez
Akinwumi Adesina Photo: www.agenceecofin.com
Akinwumi Adesina
Photo: www.agenceecofin.com

Changing the image of agriculture

In a 2013 interview in ThisIsAfrica, Adesina said he wants to change the image of the agriculture sector, putting it at the forefront of national development. “Agriculture is the future of Nigeria,” he said. “And agriculture that is modernized, that is productive, that is competitive. We must be a global player.”

Adesina said that in the 1960s, before petroleum oil, Nigeria was one of the most promising agricultural producers in the world. Between 1962 and 1968, export crops were the country’s main foreign exchange earner. The country was No. 1 globally for palm oil exports, ahead of Malaysia and Indonesia, and exported 47 percent of all groundnuts, putting it ahead of the U.S. and Argentina. But its status as an agricultural powerhouse has declined.

Source: ThisIsAfrica