12 Things You Didn’t Know About Tanzanian Presidential Hopeful January Makamba

Written by Keren Mikva

He launched Bumbuli Development Corp. to aid his constituency

Though he is a member of the president’s cabinet, it’s not seen as a conflict of interest that Makamba maintains his role as an MP for Bumbuli and continues to work for his home constituency’s interests. In July 2012, he launched a personal initiative — the Bumbuli Development Corp. The corporation borrowed $10 million from philanthropists in the international business world and invested in relatively safe bonds with the dividends to be spent in his constituency. He said, “We decided not to find an NGO to help us but start our own – and not make it a charity. We have had a flurry of NGOs with little impact. This corporation would be a driver for development and private enterprise. It would be a social business with huge potential.”

Source: TheGuardian.com