12 Things You Should Know About Zimbabwe’s Joice Mujuru

Written by Keren Mikva


Mujuru is the leader of a new ZANU-PF faction known as ZANU People First

After being expelled from her party, Mujuru formed a new faction of the ZANU-PF, claiming to stand for the principles of the “original ZANU-PF.” The new faction will operate under the name ZANU People First to differentiate itself, and is made up of party stalwarts who want to see Mujuru succeed Mugabe to the presidency.

The party’s ideology revolves around narratives of the liberation struggle that resulted in political independence from the white Rhodesian government, according to Pindula. The party says it is the authentic ZANU party and that Mugabe’s party is in shambles. The party’s spokesperson is Rugare Gumbo, former secretary for administration in the ZANU-PF party. Gumbo has called for unity of all opposition parties and there are fears that a coalition could create formidable competition to Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party.