Celebrities Who Invest In Tech: MC Hammer Lost A Fortune, Came Back As A ‘Tech Visionary’

Written by Dana Sanchez

analytics, data, relationships with their fanbase for the art that he or she created. There’s some other intermediary that’s the overall beneficiary of the content created through the gifts and talent of the artists,” he said.

“God bless the labels. They do what they do and they have made adjustments, and are fighting the good fight in the new landscape. But from this side of the table, after (years of) experience with the music industry, and being at the birth of Youtube and social media, I know what a label means. You don’t need a label, you need a partner,” he said, adding, “I have a ton of partners personally, I have a plethora of strategic partners, and each one does their own thing.

“Behind it all, yours truly understands how to utilize these platforms as well as anyone on the planet … It’s about people dealing with the broken promise of America.”