You Have 48 Hours To Create An Investor Pitch Deck. Here’s How To Do It

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Forty-eight hours is a completely reasonable amount of time to create a pitch deck, says Pat Roberts, co-founder and chief technical officer at UltraMedia Innovation, a tech company transitioning existing and new high definition media into ultra high definition.

“You should be able to build one in less than an eight-hour day,” Roberts said.

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Mohit Bansal, I make Investor Pitch Decks for a living (@

Answered Sept. 14, 2016

If you really have just 48hrs, I would suggest you follow the following steps:

Step 1: Figure out if you and your business are ready for funding:
Check out the slideshare in this post: How to make an Investor Pitch Deck that really works  (I am the author, but I genuinely feel this is the best resource to answer the above question)
Step 2: Figure out what should go in YOUR pitch – stuff that would excite the investor.
The slideshare should help with this too. Plus you may check out this guide by BaseTemplate.
Step 3: Use the template from BaseTemplate or try Slidebean
Hope it helps.

Wallace Ho, Entrepreneur and Investor

Answered Aug. 3
For very early stage business/startup, focus on few points below:

Problem statement (how big the problem is, how big the market is)
Solutions (how do you use your products/services to solve them?)
Team (who are in your team, any strong backing?)
Go to Market (how do you promote and sell your products? Try not only using FB & Google ads, anyone can do ads, best to include some other ways that are free, effective and low cost)
Business model (how do you make money?)

Chad Jardine, I’ve done startups. I’m doing one right now.

Answered July 22
Change your frame of mind.

A slide deck is just a tool. You don’t need a deck.

If you are connecting with investors for the first time you will be in one of two situations: they will ask you to email your deck or you will be presenting in person like at a startup competition.

Either way, you need a hook not a comprehensive set of slides (and I LOVE a well-designed slide presentation).

First: Email in response to a deck request, send a 1–2 page executive summary as a PDF, not a hastily prepared check-the-boxes slide deck. It needs to be good. Spend 1/2 your time on the summary and half on the email that accompanies it.

This is a marketing process, so each communication has only one job, to get the reader to the next step in the process.

You’ll be in a sea of competition, so you need to nail:

Why your company? (What’s your unfair advantage?)

Why now? (What trends make this the most opportune time?)

Why you? (Often this is the story about how you encountered the problem and set out to solve it—

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