Countries With The Most Slavery In The World In 2014

Written by Keren Mikva

1. Mauritania – 4%

Mauritania has an estimated 155,600 people in modern slavery, according to the Global Slavery Index, representing 4 percent of its 3.9-million population. The institution of slavery is deeply entrenched in Mauritanian society and tradition. Slave status is inherited through generations. Black moors historically represent the largest population of enslaved. They were traditionally raided and enslaved by the Berber Arabs, or white moors. While many have left slavery, others remained enslaved by traditional masters and are unable to own land, inherit property or other possessions, or maintain any personal freedom. Though the Mauritian government established a plan of action to combat slavery in 2013, its special tribunal has yet to prosecute any cases of crimes of slavery, and there is little evidence to suggest it has followed through on any of the responsibilities it was entrusted with. Slavery became a crime in this vast Saharan nation in 2007 but just one slave owner has been successfully prosecuted, according to CNN.