Uber Has No Black, Hispanic Leaders In Tech, Per Its First-Ever Diversity Report

Written by Dana Sanchez

No black or Hispanic employees hold tech leadership positions in at Uber — something that “clearly has to change” — the Silicon Valley-based ride-hailing firm said in its highly anticipated diversity report, just released.

Media responses to Uber’s first-ever diversity report, range from “not great” to “not the worst thing ever.”

The report details the demographics of Uber’s employees as of March 2017. What’s not surprising is that Uber, like many other tech companies, is disproportionately white and male.

“What surprised me, though, is that Uber fares slightly better than Facebook and Apple when it comes to female representation,” Megan Rose Dickey reported in Telecrunch.  “Uber also has pretty solid (overall) representation of (black) people in comparison to other tech companies,” Rickey said.

Uber’s diversity is on par with the tech industry and that’s not great, Recode’s headline read.

Unfortunately for the company, the pressure to publish the numbers mounted after former employee Susan Fowler published her account of the sexism and sexual harassment she endured during her year working at Uber.

Telecrunch’s headline was kinder: “Uber’s first diversity report is not the worst thing ever.”

Here’s the make-up of Uber’s employees, according to the report:

In the U.S. overall, Uber is 49.8 percent white, 30.9 percent Asian, 8.8 percent black, 5.6 percent Hispanic and 4.3 percent multiracial.

However, in U.S. tech jobs, those numbers look worse for blacks and better for Asians. In U.S. tech jobs overall, Uber is 46.2 percent white, 47.9 percent Asian, 1 percent black, 2.1 percent Hispanic and 2.4 percent multiracial.

When it comes to blacks and Hispanics in U.S. tech leadership positions — there are none. Uber is:

  • White: 75 percent
  • Asian: 25 percent
  • Black: 0 percent
  • Hispanic: 0 percent
  • Multiracial: 0 percent
  • Other:  0 percent