Dubai Weddings Redefining Business, Class for Nigerian Celebrities

Dubai Weddings Redefining Business, Class for Nigerian Celebrities

Finding Mr. Right is a common challenge which ladies across the world battle with. When he shows up, focus shifts to the bigger topic, the wedding, most glorified by celebrities around the world.

In Nigeria and probably elsewhere — apart from the exchange of vows and rings — weddings are a show-off and a battle for supreme bragging rights. These days, the easiest way to get on the ‘Weddings of the Year’ list is to get married in Dubai.

While it is difficult to say who belled the cat in Nigeria as far as getting married in Dubai is concerned, Nigeria’s music superstar, TuFace Idibia was the first to have his wedding nationally debated as many fans felt he was either trying to keep his numerous ‘baby mamas’ away from his wedding to Annie Macaulay — or, if he was tactfully reducing the number of people that would eventually see him exchange marital vows with the lady that coincidentally appeared in the music video of his hit song “African Queen.”

“Dubai is exotic and beautiful,” said Titi Ayo, a regular Dubai traveler. According to her, every Nigerian lady at one point or another in her life will desire to visit Dubai for shopping, holidaying, wedding or honeymoon.

“Even before celebrities started getting married in Dubai, it had been playing crucial roles in our weddings — even those that are done in Nigeria. You’ll hear brides proudly say stuff like, ‘My wedding dress and shoes were from Dubai’. It is not about the dress or shoes, it is about Dubai. Dubai means class and high taste,” she said.

Why Dubai?

In spite of the controversies associated with Nigerian celebrity nuptials — like supporting business on the continent and sharing ceremonies with fans — the list of Dubai weddings continues to grow. The latest superstar to get hooked is America returnee, Tiwa Savage – the First Lady of Mavin Records.

In April 2014, Tiwa married Tee Billz at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Almost immediately after the wedding, another celebrity, Dr. Sid, announced he would also be getting married to his girlfriend of many years in Dubai next month (July).

According to Ayo, most of the conceptions about the United Arab Emirates’ Mecca of tourism are true.