Floyd Mayweather Tells Devin Haney’s Father: The Streets Aren’t Nothing To Glorify, You’re Pocket Watching

Floyd Mayweather Tells Devin Haney’s Father: The Streets Aren’t Nothing To Glorify, You’re Pocket Watching


(L-R) Bill Haney/Floyd Mayweather, Twitter/X screenshots

After Devin Haney’s surprising defeat by Ryan Garcia, a heated exchange between boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and Haney’s father, Bill, unfolded.

Haney’s loss, marked by three knockdowns at the hands of Garcia, left both his camp and fans reeling. Yet, the aftermath was marked not only by reflections on the fight itself but also by a fiery confrontation between Mayweather and Haney.

Mayweather, known for his undefeated professional record and larger-than-life persona, found himself embroiled in a verbal altercation with Haney. The clash, which played out over social media, saw both men airing grievances and trading insults.

At the heart of the dispute were various issues, including Haney Sr.’s remarks implying that a sparring session between Mayweather and Devin Haney had played a role in Mayweather’s retirement. Additionally, Haney Sr. criticized Mayweather’s professional record, dismissing his 50-0 achievement as insignificant.


Amidst the verbal sparring, Mayweather delivered a pointed message to Haney Sr., emphasizing that he was glorifying the streets and fixating on material wealth, Mirror reported.

According to Marca, Mayweather said to Bill on Instagram Live: “I reached out to you to let you know that I don’t have nothing against you, when did you and me go wrong? When did you and me start having beef? Last time I seen you in Miami, we kicked it and had a good time. Now all of a sudden it seems like Bill Haney is my enemy.” 

Bill hinted that a sparring session between Haney and Mayweather played a part in the boxing legend’s retirement. 

“I feel like you’re bull**** based on your actions about everybody that’s been in the town that’s been down with you,” Bill told Mayweather. “They doing dirtball bad, ain’t nobody doing real good f****ing with you. You told me about what you’d do with Tank, you seen what I did with my son? When you went to go talk and do the deal, it wasn’t something he felt like he wanted to do. He wanted to be a boss so the deal didn’t happen.”

Floyd: “If your son is undefeated in the gym, congratulations. Congratulations that you got an undefeated fighter in the gym I’m an under the lights type fighter. Bill, let me ask you a question. What’s my record under the lights?”

Bill: “But listen, what’s your record in life?”

 Floyd: “My record in life is undefeated.” 

Bill: “Flexing that punk ass 50-0, I’m 50-0 on these streets. I got love in these streets. F-ck your 50-0 with that boxing sh-t, that sh-t don’t mean nothing.”

(L-R) Bill Haney/Floyd Mayweather, Twitter/X screenshots