Summer Lee Wins DNC Primary In PA, AIPAC Lobby Chooses Not To Fight After Taking Ls

Summer Lee Wins DNC Primary In PA, AIPAC Lobby Chooses Not To Fight After Taking Ls


Summer Lee, photo via Congresswoman Summer Lee website

In a closely watched primary election in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, Representative Summer Lee emerged victorious on April 23, overcoming a contentious campaign centered around her stance on Israel’s military actions in Gaza. Lee, a progressive Democrat and member of the House “squad,” faced criticism from her challenger, Bhavini Patel, over her response to the conflict in the Middle East. The primary race became a focal point for progressive Democrats and pro-Israel advocacy groups alike, representing a test of Democratic voters’ attitudes towards foreign policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Notably, Lee’s victory underscored the resilience of left-wing Democrats within the party’s ranks, despite attempts by outside groups to influence the outcome.

In 2022, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) tried to derail her then. The organization spent a whopping $3 million on an ad campaign to take her down and failed. Now, in 2024, they seemed to have stepped away from the fight, The Washington Post reported.

Throughout the campaign, Lee stood by her position advocating for peace and condemning violence on all sides of the conflict. Her victory speech emphasized the importance of prioritizing peace efforts without compromising the district’s values and diversity.

“A lot of people wanted to convince us that we could not be pro-peace and win this district,” Lee, who, according to Mondoweiss, did not accept any money from corporate PACs, said in her victory speech.

She also said, “Our movement is expansive enough and big enough for each and every one of us, that each and every one of us can lay down our arms and cease fire so that we can have peace from Pittsburgh to Palestine.”

In a statement, she reiterated, “Our victory is a rejection of right-wing interests and Republican billionaires using corporate Super PACs to target Black and brown Democrats in our primaries — be it AIPAC or Moderate PAC or any other MAGA billionaire in Democratic clothing. Western PA is the blueprint for the future all of America deserves,” CNN reported.

Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district is located in north-central and northeastern Pennsylvania and includes the Northern Tier region, parts of the Susquehanna Valley, State College, and part of Happy Valley

Lee earned a law degree from Howard University and has represented the 34th District in the state House since 2019. She has also been vocal in her support for reparations and economic justice.

Summer Lee, photo via Congresswoman Summer Lee website, https://summerlee.house.gov/