Congresswoman On Declining Black Support For Biden: They Don’t Know How Any Of This Works

Congresswoman On Declining Black Support For Biden: They Don’t Know How Any Of This Works


Photo by Edmond Dantès

Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election owed much to the unwavering support of Black voters. Yet, as the 2024 election approaches, the Democrats are concerned about the eroding support among Black voters for Biden’s reelection campaign.

But freshman Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett seems to blame the decline on perception and Black voters not having a grasp of civics.

“When you look at the data…it talks about who people feel…while the facts may not align with their realty…,” she said during a recent interview in regard to recent surveys. “They said felt better when Trump in office. We have some popular African-American artists saying ‘I got checks when Trump was in office,’ but not understanding [the checks] came from Congress…We have an issue as it relates to civics and people not understanding how this works.”

Crockett is the U.S. representative from Texas’s 30th congressional district since 2023. Her district covers most of South Dallas County and parts of Tarrant County, including Dallas Love Field Airport.

Regardless of why, Biden’s support with Black voters is dropping.

According to recent polling, Biden’s ratings among Black voters have dipped from 84 percent shortly after taking office in 2021 to 74 percent by the end of March 2023, according to YouGov/Economist data, Time reported.

Also, Biden’s standing among white voters has declined, starting at 46 percent at the beginning of his term and falling to 40 percent over the same period.

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On average, Biden leads Trump by just 53 percent to 28 percent among registered nonwhite voters in a compilation of Times/Siena polls from 2022 and 2023, The New York Times reported in September.

Crockett’s comments got pushback on Twitter/X. Many saying she failed to place the blame on Biden’s policies–or lack of policies for Black voters.

“It’s never about the policies. Now it’s “Black people are too stupid to know what reality is. Oh and they also don’t know civics cause they give the president credit for something passed by congress (like EVERYBODY does),” Darvio Morrow tweeted.

The Moguldom Nation tweeted in part, “It’s either the Russians, the bots, misinformation, or lack of civics, if the Black American isn’t excited about Joe Biden or Democrats. It’s impossible for a Black American to not agree with us, not vote for us, and still be informed.”

Former Ohio State senator and Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign co-chair Nina Turner tweeted a quote from a New York Times article, “Black voters — long a bulwark for Democrats and for Mr. Biden — are now registering 22 percent support in these states for Mr. Trump, a level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.”

Photo by Edmond Dantès: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-person-holding-black-votes-matter-placard-7103063/