Yvette Carnell And Dreisen Heath: Joe Biden Is Taking Black Voters For Granted, Blowing Us Off On Reparations

Yvette Carnell And Dreisen Heath: Joe Biden Is Taking Black Voters For Granted, Blowing Us Off On Reparations


Dreisen Heath (Photo: Human Rights Watch)/Yvette Carnel, (Photo: Vimeo screenshot)

Black voters are saying they are frustrated with President Joe Biden’s administration. During the last election, reparations were a major talking point, and now as the 2024 elections campaigns heat up, many in the Black community want Biden to take action on reparations.

According to Yvette Carnell, president of the American Descendants of Slavery Advocacy Foundation, Biden’s lack of action is nothing new for the Democratic Party when it comes to the need of this Black community. And his ignoring the reparations is expected.

“I believe the Biden administration’s stance is emblematic of the Democratic Party’s benign neglect of Black voters – ADOS [American descendants of slavery] voters more specifically,” Carnell told Fox News Digital. “Black voters are whipped into a frenzy around election time, and Republicans are made into boogeymen who, as Biden himself said back in 2012, want to ‘put y’all back in chains.’ It’s fear-mongering, rather than offering a reparations framework or a transformative Black agenda that we can actually get excited about.”

She added that the Dems take the Black vote for granted. She said, “We are the base of the Democratic Party, and Biden told us very early on not to expect much movement on reparations. That tells me he doesn’t take the Black vote seriously. He takes it for granted… It’s obvious to anyone watching that President Biden views the Black vote as a captured vote to which he doesn’t owe any exchange.”

buts she said Biden has to go beyond a potential executive order. “Executive orders are presidential directives and thus, typically too weak and limited to handle redress for slavery and its accumulated disadvantage,” said Carnell. “I view calls for an executive order as just another dodge by reparations activists who refuse to push Congress to pass a reparations bill for Biden to sign.”

At the federal level, lawmakers have introduced their own measures. Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., was the most recent politician to propose reparations legislation. She prosed $14 trillion to compensate for racist government policies contributing to the wealth gap between white and Black Americans tk reported.

Dreisen Heath, an activist and reparations expert, poke too with Fox Digital and stressed that Congresswoman Bush’s legislation challenges the notion that reparations have to wait for the right political moment.

“Congresswoman Bush’s legislation challenges the notion that reparations for Black people have to wait for the right political moment and aren’t feasible,” Heath, who for years worked as a researcher at Human Rights Watch. “The American public should read through the entire proposal to identify the long range of government-sanctioned harms on Black America and how that has affected the healthiness of the country at large. Congresswoman Bush’s proposal details the impacts of chattel slavery and living legacies such as environmental racism, lower life expectancy rates, maternal and infant mortality, over-policing, over-incarceration, and predatory lending.”

According to a Pew Research Center survey, approximately three-quarters of Black adults believe descendants of people enslaved in the U.S. should receive reparations, compared to only 18 percent of white Americans who believe the same.

Dreisen Heath (Photo: Human Rights Watch, https://www.hrw.org/es/about/people/dreisen-heath)/Yvette Carnel, (Photo: Vimeo screenshot, https://vimeo.com/290965664)