Popular New York Artist Attacked For Saying He Prefers Cashiers At Target Over ‘Boss Chicks’

Popular New York Artist Attacked For Saying He Prefers Cashiers At Target Over ‘Boss Chicks’

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Photo: Twitter, Nipsey Struggle @MaadyBK67

A New York artist who goes by the name Nipsey Struggle went to Twitter to express his dating preference, setting off a firestorm with more than 1 million people including several “boss chicks” viewing his comments and thousands responding.

“I can’t front, I’m not really into ‘business women’ or ‘boss chicks’. I prefer the cashier at Target or the waitress at BBQs tbh,” Nipsey Struggle wrote.

Nipsey Struggle identifies on Twitter as a creative director from Fort Greene projects with 5,551 followers and on Instagram as a New York City-based R&B singer and creative director for “REPRESENT” @represent_nyc.

A majority of the women who commented were offended, while some men said they “understood” where Nipsey Struggle was coming from. The back and forth further illustrated the so-called gender beef going on, especially in the Black community. There are groups of Black men, such as the Passport Bros, who seek non-Black partners overseas and complain that Black women, particularly Black professional women, aka boss chicks, are too aggressive and disagreeable.

But some of the remarks even threw off Nispey Struggle. A man, according to a screenshot Nipsey Hussle shared on the comments, called him a “sissy.”

“You need therapy because you deadass triggered by a personal preference from a man you don’t even know lmao. The ‘sissy’ word is weak Big Bro because women who know me in real life know how well I treat them. You just a bozo who have internalized issues. Godspeed,” Nipsey Hussle shot back.

Some dismissed Nipsey Struggle’s dating comments.

“I love when men date within their financial lane,” Dora Dora Dora tweeted.


Others noted that while cashier jobs might be low paying, the women doing the jobs might be more than worthy.

“There be some good women behind those registers don’t sleep,” Senor tweeted.

Yet some women thought their financial independence scared some men.

“niggas rally be scared of boss bitches,” westcoast princess tweeted.

“Imma keep it real a lot of men think like this, he was just honest. They can be very intimidated by an ambitious woman with a big bag because if their ambition and account doesn’t match that it makes them insecure,” tweeted Nneomacita.

Some women thought the preference for a lower-earning partner was due to a need for financial control in a relationship.

“Only men who don’t bring in good income feel this way tbh! Any man excelling and thriving will want a woman who is driven (doesn’t have to be making a lot but driven). Oga wants a cashier who he can force into be subservient< ” Eunice wrote.

“What I got from the QTs is that women really didn’t believe it when men said that they don’t prioritize money and status the same way women do. A lot of women think that the only reason a man would date a cashier is to be mean and abusive to her,” Dr. Potato Chips tweeted.


Some men said they understood Nipsey Struggle’s point of view, but also noted professions don’t matter.

“Idc what her profession is as long as she not a bottle girl or in law enforcement,” 1/1 tweeted.

“Feminist want women to be boss ladies and when they find out that most men don’t want that ‘boss lady’ type of personality They get angry , a lot of men I know , have spoken to , don’t really give a f*ck about your business or how much you make , just be a normal human being,” Themichael tweeted.