Afriq-Invest Founder Creates Online Gateway to U.S. Stock Markets

Afriq-Invest Founder Creates Online Gateway to U.S. Stock Markets

“This will also benefit African markets in the long run by making local investors more exposed and better prepared to support their local firms,” he said. “When those firms look to go public they wont need to head to London or Dubai like they do now — there will be an investing public ready to receive them.”

Learning Investment Basics From ‘The Street’

And learning the basics of investment isn’t even the most difficult aspect, he says. For the most part, Okunubi learned from his experience in corporate and on Wall Street. However, he didn’t discount the convenience of the web. For that reason, he made it a point to integrate informational resources on his site.

“The internet has greatly reduced the time and cost of acquiring information so anyone, anywhere can learn the basic concepts that form the foundation of investing,” he said. “Our account holders are also able to conduct research on any company they want right on the site so they don’t have to go hunting for financial reports and filings.”

As for now, Okunubi is focused on catering to Afriq-Invest users and adjusting the site’s offerings to their needs. If account holders lean toward custom investment, the business will “pivot that way,” he said. Active traders are Afriq-Invest’s most common type of user at the moment.

Trusting an Online, Foreign Investment Platform

The toughest hurdle, Okunubi admits, is convincing potential investors to trust Afriq-Invest’s offerings. Investment fraud and financial corruption remain issues across Africa, so customers are often weary when stepping up to take part in a guided investment venture.

Okunubi hopes to leapfrog the trust burden by word-of-mouth expansion and partnerships with large banking institutions.

“Right now I am working  to create a community of users that are enjoying the benefits of investing in the U.S. Hopefully Afriq-Invest grows to the point of being a ‘financial super store,’ where Africans can invest in any security they want from any country they want — right in the comfort of their own home, for the lowest cost possible,” Okunubi said.

“The long-term impact I hope to have is to help my users learn how investing over the long-term can meaningfully grow their wealth and they become better and more informed investors. This will positively benefit African markets as those capital markets open up and come of age.”