Suspect In Brooklyn Subway Attack Posted Videos About Dr. Umar Johnson, Will Smith, Eric Adams

Suspect In Brooklyn Subway Attack Posted Videos About Dr. Umar Johnson, Will Smith, Eric Adams


Photo: Frank R. James, YouTube prophetoftruth88 via New York City Police Department

This article has been updated to reflect the suspect’s arrest.

The New York Police Department has arrested 62-year-old Frank James, the suspect in a mass shooting that injured at least 23 people in a Brooklyn, New York subway station attack on April 12.

James was arrested after police received a Crime Stoppers tip from someone who claimed to have seen him at a McDonald’s in the East Village, an NYPD source told the New York Post. When cops arrived, James had left but the police found him a few blocks away.

The subway attack, which took place at a subway station during the morning rush hour, injured at least 23 people. Ten people were shot in the barrage of gunfire. James was identified as the suspect on April 13 by police officials.

Prior to the attack, James posted video rants about Black community activist Dr. Umar Johnson, actor Will Smith, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The suspect allegedly disguised himself as a construction worker, wearing a neon green nylon vest and a gray hoodie. He set off two smoke bombs and fired 33 rounds onboard a Manhattan-bound N train during the early-morning rush at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. As the gunman fled the scene, he ditched a handgun and three extended-capacity magazines of bullets, The New York Post reported. The suspect also left behind a backpack, a bag of fireworks and smoke canisters, a hatchet, a spray bottle of gasoline, and one round jammed in the gun, which possibly prevented him from causing more bloodshed, ABC reported.

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The key to James’ van was found at the scene of the subway attack, along with a credit card used to rent a U-Haul van out of Philadelphia, according to law enforcement sources.

James has a YouTube channel under the username prophetoftruth88. On his channel he posted rants that have since been removed from YouTube about race, politics, gun violence, and various people. He talked about his desire to “kill people,” describing himself as a “prophet of doom.”

“I made up my mind, kind of told myself, you know, I may have to hurt somebody one day, somebody may have to get hurt,” James said in one video viewed by The Moguldom Nation before it was taken down.

YouTube has since terminated James’s account, taking down all his videos.

In a recorded a video message to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, James revealed that he had been through the NYC mental-health system and experienced a kind of emotional violence that he said would make someone “go and get a gun and shoot motherfuckers.”

On race, James said, “These white motherf—ers, this is what they do. Ultimately at the end of the day, they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your Black ass?”

In the videos, James offered commentary on major news events, such as Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. In the clip, he went off on Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who was the butt of a joke by Rock that led to Smith slapping him. In his video, James said of the actress, “You’re like a f—ing child…you have no power. There is nothing to protect you. You’ve been unprotected since you’ve been here. Plus, what is there to protect?”

He continued, calling her “a human farm animal, Black b–ch.”

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In another video, James talked about Dr. Umar Johnson, whom he called a “very brilliant Black man…but he has a problem. He comes off in a way that’s not genuine.”

Johnson is an activist, doctor of clinical psychology and certified school psychologist who works with the parents of African-American children who receive special education or are diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorders.

James questioned the financial motives behind Johnson’s school for young Black men, which Johnson has been building for several years. The funding for the school has come into question by many. James went on to add that he thinks Johnson “imagines he’s something that he’s not….there are moments of brilliance but then there is another side” to him.

Photo: Frank R. James, YouTube prophetoftruth88 via New York City Police Department