Cop Mayor Of NYC Eric Adams Says You Need To Wear Bulletproof Vest For 22 Years As Police Officer To Question Him

Cop Mayor Of NYC Eric Adams Says You Need To Wear Bulletproof Vest For 22 Years As Police Officer To Question Him


Mayor-elect Eric Adams speaks at a news conference in Queens, Dec. 15, 2021, in New York. (AP Photo/Brittainy Newman)

Eric Adams has yet to take office as the newly elected mayor of New York City, but he’s already rubbed some the wrong way with his pro-police stance.

A New York City police officer for 22 years, Adams has vowed to bring back some of the department’s controversial former practices, such as stop-and-frisk, which involves temporarily detaining, questioning, and searching or frisking civilians on the street for weapons and other contraband. Adams, a Democrat, also plans to bring back solitary confinement at Rikers Island, home to the city’s main jail, on his first day in office, Politico reported.

Some are questioning Adams’ vows to empower the NYPD but the questions seem to have offended Adams.

“I wore a bullet proof vest for 22 years and protected the people of this city. When you do that, then you have the right to question me…” Adams said during his announcement of the appointment of Louis Molina, a former NYPD detective and current chief of police in Las Vegas, as his incoming Department of Correction commissioner.

Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, shot back at Adams on Twitter, posting, “That’s actually not the way it works.”

“Wait, only cops get to question @ericadamsfornyc? Prolonged solitary confinement is psychological torture. I wish Adams would come up with ways to actually help people rather than relying on isolation, which has been proven to only cause more harm,” tweeted Lisa Armstrong, journalist and associate dean and professor of race & journalism at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

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Adams is a retired New York Police Department (NYPD) captain who started his public service as a transit police officer. He assumes the office of Mayor of New York City on Jan. 1, 2022.

Adams is a fan of tougher policing. A native of Brooklyn, he currently serves as borough president and campaigned on a promise to both beef up and reform the NYPD amid worries over a rise in violent crime, CNN reported.

Photo: Mayor-elect Eric Adams speaks at a news conference at the Queensbridge houses in Long Island City, Queens on Dec. 15, 2021, in New York. Adams named Keechant Sewell, a Long Island police chief, as the city’s next police commissioner, making her the first woman to lead the nation’s largest police force. (AP Photo/Brittainy Newman)