Roland Martin Switches Up, Tells Bougie Buffers: Too Many Of Us Are Satisfied With Democratic Party, Stayed At Obama Parade All 8 Years

Roland Martin Switches Up, Tells Bougie Buffers: Too Many Of Us Are Satisfied With Democratic Party, Stayed At Obama Parade All 8 Years


Roland Martin Tells Bougie Buffers: Too Many Of Us Are Satisfied With Democratic Party, Stayed At Obama Parade All 8 Years. Photo: Then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and Michelle arrive with daughters Malia and Sasha to watch a Fourth of July parade in Butte, Mont., July 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Veteran journalist Roland Martin has long been a proud and loyal Democrat. He publicly urged Black people to support Democratic candidates in major elections from President Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton in her 2016 bid for the White House. But now he seems to have flipped and flopped on the Democratic National Committee.

Martin is the host and managing editor of the daily online show #RolandMartinUnfiltered, and he launched the Black Information Network in September 2021.

“The reason our communities are in the condition they are in is because too many of us are satisfied with the status quo,” Martin said during a Nov. 21 speech at Neighbors United of the Inland Empire in California. The event focused on “The Power of Funding Black Candidates.

United Neighbors is a coalition of neighborhood residential groups throughout Southern California that works to protect single-family neighborhoods while supporting affordable and equitable housing for all. The Inland Empire is inland and adjacent to Los Angeles

Martin’s made a statement that seemed to be directed at bougie buffers. He said, “There are far too many of us in nice cute positions with our nice salaries, driving our very nice cars…who are satisfied yet have not seen the kind of change that is necessary.”

Add the word “bougie” to “buffer” and you have a person who is blocking the needs of an entire group to keep his or her own place in society — a bougie buffer.

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“I don’t get invited to a bunch of the fun stuff with President Obama,” Martin went on the say, “because I was on his behind when he was president. I wasn’t just happy to see a Black first family. Too many Black folks stayed at the inauguration parade all eight years.” During Obama’s time in the White House, Black people were afraid to hold the president accountable and demand he deliver for the Black community, Martin said.

While Martin recalls his dealings with the Democrats as being hardball, who can forget when he tried to teach presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton to do the Wobble Dance following an interview in 2015 at Claflin University in Orangeburg, S.C.? When Clinton admitted she didn’t know the dance, Martin joked, “You just lost the Black vote.”

Some on Twitter had a problem with Martin’s apparent change of heart regarding his loyalty to the Democrat Party.

“I don’t have a problem with @rolandsmartin words today, but I do have a problem with his actions during election,” tweeted Ibrahim Tanner @IbrahimTanner1 with a video of a portion of Martin’s recent speech. “It’s like he’s recasting himself as Cornell West or Tavis Smiley. The RoRo I recalled ridiculed Ice Cube for demanding a Black Agenda from both candidates.”

Martin was offended by Tanner’s comments and tweeted back, insisting that nothing has changed. “You are a damn liar. Everything I said in that speech I’ve been saying for two decades.”

The exchange continued. Tanner replied, “I agree you’ve been saying it outside of an election cycle, but you haven’t been doing it. The closer we get to general elections the more your messaging aligns with the democratic platform.”

Native Son @SonMemphis inserted himself into the online back-and-forth and said of Martin, “He cannot be trusted, and is self-serving. At his core, he has a disdain for us and he never misses an opportunity to express it.”

Again, Martin seemed offended and shot back, “Y’all just love lying, huh?”

When hip-hop mogul, activist and Hollywood legend Ice Cube came up with a reparations plan called “Contract With Black America,” he was criticized for sharing it in 2020 with the Trump administration. Part of the plan involved getting rid of qualified immunity for police. At the time, Cube blasted Biden for not meeting with him. Biden apparently had informed Cube he would meet with him after the election.

Martin was one of the critics, challenging Cube on #RolandMartinUnfiltered for sharing his Contract For Black America with Trump instead of presidential candidate Biden.

“@rolandsmartin thinks that we forgot about this,” tweeted Nyhiem (Lord Abba) Freedmen @RealNyhiem. “When @icecube laid out his plan to which demanded an end to qualified immunity Roland showed where the useless CBC had that in their plans. Now Roland is MANIPULATING Black folks as Dems REMOVE qualified immunity …”


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