Ice Cube: Biden’s Team Reached Out For Meeting About Contract With Black America

Ice Cube: Biden’s Team Reached Out For Meeting About Contract With Black America

Ice Cube
Ice Cube: Biden’s Team Reached Out For Meeting About Contract With Black America. Photo: BIG3 basketball league founder Ice Cube smiles as he is introduced during Game 2 in the BIG3 Basketball League’s debut, June 25, 2017, at the Barclays Center in New York. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)/Photo: In this March 12, 2020, file photo Joe Biden speaks in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Hip-hop mogul, activist and Hollywood legend Ice Cube hasn’t given up on his reparations plan, which he calls “Contract With Black America.”

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Cube met with the Trump administration about the contract and ultimately helped Trump create a “Platinum Plan” for Black America. At the time, Cube blasted Joe Biden for not meeting with him. Biden apparently had informed Cube he would meet with him after the election.

Biden is making good on that and the meeting is about to take place, according to Cube. Cube says the Biden administration reached out to him on Feb. 2 and it’s hashing out a time and a place for a meeting, TMZ reported.

During a Feb. 3 interview on the Ryan Cameron “Uncensored” show on Atlanta radio station Majic ATL, Cube discussed his plans to sit down with the new president. He said he’s hoping they can make it a face-to-face meeting where they can also bring in experts and specialists.  

Back in October 2020, Cube refused to have a virtual meeting with then-vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and other Black celebrities and notables. He explained to the “Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens” show why he turned down the meeting. 

“We had spent a lot of people’s time putting the Contract With Black America together, and I just thought that getting on a Zoom call with 12 other entertainers all shooting what they believe needs to be done, to me wasn’t going to be productive,” Cube said, according to Newsweek.

In his Contract with Black America, Ice Cube proposes reforms to be made in banking, police and prisons and calls for the elimination of all confederate statues. He proposes rolling out federal funding of baby bonds starting with $1,000 at birth, among other reforms such as reparations to support the Black community and earn the “support of the Black vote,” Fox News reported.

Some on Twitter weren’t impressed with Cube’s upcoming meeting with Biden.

“Cube needs to go sit somewhere,” tweeted on person.

Another tweeted, “Ice Cube played himself with tRump so trying to save face.”

But one user saw it differently, tweeting “He played himself into getting a meeting with Biden that even BLM couldn’t get. Yeah, seems like the opposite of playing oneself to me”.


The Contract With Black America got mixed reviews when Cube unveiled it in July 2020. ADOS co-founder Antonio Moore tweeted, “This doesn’t work without anchoring identity reparations goes to #ados or it’s just a class-based policy or worse. In addition, this contract needs to consider the works of #ados@SandyDarity@BreakingBrown is already making the case. But if you struggle on step 1 it’s irrelevant.”

Listen to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin | Episode 73: Jamarlin Martin Jamarlin makes the case for why this is a multi-factor rebellion vs. just protests about George Floyd. He discusses the Democratic Party’s sneaky relationship with the police in cities and states under Dem control, and why Joe Biden is a cop and the Steve Jobs of mass incarceration.

Moore added, “People seem lost if you don’t address who receives it you’re not talking about reparations. There are basically 2 distinct black populations 1 that actually is owed US reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow and another that came voluntarily after 1965 after Jim Crow ended.”

Critics aside, Cube has pushed forward with his Contract With Black America.

“Whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House, they’re still not looking at our agenda in the right way,” he told Cameron during the interview. “So it doesn’t matter. We still have to get them to acknowledge and remedy our situation in the right way.”

Most Black people don’t understand that Ice Cube is merely the face of “Contract With Black America”, a Twitter user posted. “There’s a number of Black financial & political experts behind this but Ice Cube’s notoriety helped them get the audience”.