Bishop Talbert Swan Responds To ‘Woke Twitter’: Stop Criticizing Black People Doing Real Work In Streets

Bishop Talbert Swan Responds To ‘Woke Twitter’: Stop Criticizing Black People Doing Real Work In Streets

Woke Twitter

Bishop Talbert Swan Responds To 'Woke Twitter': Stop Criticizing Black People Doing Real Work In Streets. In this photo, Bishop Talbert Swan, left, speaks at a rally. Photo: Twitter / @TalbertSwan

Bishop Talbert Swan had time this week when he got blunt with the “woke Twitter” crowd. “Anyone else sick of fake woke Black people whose entire résumé of advocacy for the Black community only consists of tweeting criticism at other Black people who are actually doing something?” Talbert tweeted on Monday, Aug. 30.

Swan continued criticizing those he dubbed “thumb thugs” that never take action on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 1 and 2, respectively. “Black people who have never risked their lives, the lives of their families, their reputations, their livelihood, and their freedom to stand up for Black people should stop slandering those of us who have,” Swan tweeted. “You thumb thugs should shut up when tweeting is all you do.”


Only the third bishop of the Nova Scotia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ, Swan is an outspoken activist against racism and injustice. He has been attacked for being a “FAKE ‘Pro Black’” activist looking “to gain credibility” with white Democrats deemed “oppressors” by critics.

“I’m noticing a pattern. It seems Ppl like Bishop Talbert Swan use FAKE ‘Pro Black’ tough talk to gain credibility w/ the Blk American grassroots. Then they use that ‘credibility’ as leverage to negotiate butter biscuits for THEMSELVES, with our oppressor,” @BlacksOrganize tweeted, along with a picture of Swan with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


The same Twitter user also accused Swan of being a sellout that wasn’t above code-switching when it suits him. “Go listen to Bishop Talbert Swan’s BS speech at the #MakeGoodTroubleRally. Around all those #SelloutBlackDemocrats, notice he didn’t mention ONE word about no f*ckin Reparations. Now that he’s back on Twitter around the Black grassroots, he’s tweeting ‘#ReparationsNow.’ FOH,” @BlacksOrganize said in another tweet.

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Another Twitter user @supercoonslayer said Swan and other activists like him boasted about “victories you never get to see,” then said if he was really about that life, he wouldn’t have a blue check on social media. She also said Swan blocked, unblocked, then blocked her again.

“Malcolm X said it more eloquently than I ever could. But all the real ones know that if you’re REALLY for Black progress in America, you don’t get a blue check. You don’t get book deals. No Cadillac commercials. You get silenced. You get killed,” @supercoonslayer wrote.

Swan didn’t leave the criticism by woke Twitter unanswered. “Malcolm X, MLK, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, W.E.B. DuBois, Mumia Abu Jamal, Zara Neale Hurston, and scores of others wrote books and were highlighted on television. I guess they weren’t for Black people. I received death threats on a weekly basis…,” Swan responded.

He added, “… my church has been vandalized, white supremacists have threatened to burn it down, my family has been threatened, I’ve been held at gunpoint by police, falsely accused by district attorneys— When has your life ever been on the line for Black people? Never. Shut up.”

Bishop Swan’s supporters were here for it. Some defended him against the woke Twitter mob, while others noted how capable Swan was of defending himself.

“Y’all trippin, got a brother out here fighting the fight doing the best he can for justice and all y’all can do is attack him,” @dubg63 wrote. “That’s partly what’s wrong with black folk, we attack our own more than we attack the oppressor.”

“Bishop Swan is a righteous leader. My minister knows him and says he’s the real deal,” @LisaEva03392155 added.

“Bishop Swan is OUT of patience these days and I’m so here for it,” @PerilousMoo tweeted. “Bishop Swan is the best Coon Slayer!” @ESpaniel21 wrote. “Girl, the Bishop ain’t got time for you and your 521 followers. he told me to handle his light work. Lol,” @TonyBurton1965 added.