10 Quotes From PowerNomics Pioneer Dr. Claud Anderson

10 Quotes From PowerNomics Pioneer Dr. Claud Anderson

Dr. Claud Anderson

10 Quotes From Powernomics Pioneer Dr. Claud Anderson. Photo: istock / twitter

Dr. Claud Anderson is a renowned intellectual, author and speaker who focuses his expertise on how Black people can empower themselves economically. He is the founder and president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc. and The Harvest Institute, Inc. According to its website, “The PowerNomics concept and plan teach Blacks how to pool resources and aspects of power so that they can produce, distribute and consume in a way that creates goods and wealth.”

Anderson is known for being outspoken about the Black community’s condition and even predicted the current state of Black America in 1995. Here are 10 quotes from Powernomics pioneer Dr. Claud Anderson.

1. On Black solutions

“Nobody wants to propose black solutions for black problems. Society is more comfortable recommending broad minority solutions for problems that are actually unique to black people alone.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

2. Dr. Claud Anderson on integration

“Integration itself is counter manning any possibility of your ever acquiring power and wealth. You cannot empower yourself at the same time you integrate. Integration, Paul, means disintegration. It means reducing yourself to a microspect because see any society where the majority will win and rule and the minority will lose and suffer, why would anybody want to integrate? Integration is making Black folks a guest … it means I will make you a guest in something that is owned and controlled by other people. … Black folks can never acquire wealth and power as long as they’re integrated.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

3. On civil rights

“I want Black people to engage in, not in searching for rights, but I want them to search for resources. There is a major difference. Because there is no power in civil rights. There is no power in social integration. Both of those are weakening processes. If I pour water into gasoline I didn’t make it any stronger, I made it weaker. That’s why nobody else comes to this country looking to socially integrate and looking for civil rights with Black people. So that’s the bottom line.”  – Dr. Claud Anderson

4. On racism

“Racism is wealth- and power-based competitive relationship between Blacks and non-Blacks. The sole purpose of racism is to support and ensure that the White majority and its ethnic subgroups continue to dominate and use Blacks as a means to produce wealth and power…True racism exists only when one group holds a disproportionate share of wealth and power over another group then uses those resources to marginalize, exploit, exclude and subordinate the weaker group.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

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5. On self-hate

“Any race that loves the world and hates itself will eventually become its own oppressor.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

6. Dr. Claud Anderson on seeking approval from the white majority

“We weren’t trying to change white folks minds, white people hearts… make them love us. We weren’t seeking their love. Blacks spend all their lives seeking love and affection. (They) want someone to love them. Nobody wants to love Black people. Biggest thing they want is they want whites and everyone else to like ‘em. What they should be concerned with is to make people respect you and appreciate you. Nobody is going to respect you and appreciate you if you spend all your time kissing and hugging them… just to get a pork chop bone.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

7. On supporting people that don’t specifically support Black people

“One of my cardinal rules in Powernomics is never, never, never under any circumstance support anything and anybody who won’t support you. The reason that’s critically important is that racism is a team sport. You either play as a team or you lose by default. Don’t support anything, no political candidates, if they won’t come and tell you what they’re going to do for you specifically. I don’t care what you going to do for minorities or poor people, people of colour, handicaps or veterans, or senior citizens or American Indians or gays or women, transsexuals… what are you going to do for Black people? Never use those terms. Don’t ever use those terms about people of colour and minorities and all that crap. Forget that stuff. Nobody has enslaved “people of colour”. Nobody enslaved “minorities”. Nobody enslaved “diversity” or “multiculturalism”. They only enslaved Black people…” – Dr. Claud Anderson

8. Dr. Claud Anderson on Black community building

“They must identify every person that has a common need, a common interest and a common dilemma and come together and build communities. If they can’t build communities, they must build a sense of community. In that sense of community they begin to practice group economics and group politics. That’s what Powernomics is about.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

9. On the meaning of power

”Power is the ability to get things done despite the resistance and opposition of others. Economics is the production, distribution and consumption of goods and wealth. PowerNomics then is the ability of Blacks to pool resources and power to produce, distribute and consume in a way that creates goods.” – Dr. Claud Anderson

10. On sounding the alarm for Black people to change course

“All my life I’ve been telling Black people you’re going the wrong way, you’re doing the wrong thing. I guess I’ve had a following all around the world all these years which I appreciate; I feel blessed in that respect. Because none of the other stuff has ever made any sense to me.” – Dr. Claud Anderson